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As the digital asset ecosystem continues to evolve at lightning speed, staying up to date with the latest developments is becoming increasingly challenging. At Coincrowd, we understand that in a highly volatile market, losses can be incurred in a matter of seconds. The speed and accuracy of information is the difference between success and failure. This is why we exist, to help users cut through the noise so that they focus on the intelligence that matters.

But we take it one step further, through our asset management tools we help convert intelligence into action and enable real time portfolio tracking and management. We give members everything they need in one easy to use and secure platform. Simply put, Coincrowd keeps users ahead of the curve and ensures they can react quickly to changing market conditions.

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Connect with the community and share insights

Network: Engage with friends, influencers and experts.

Organizations: Follow crypto businesses and learn about the most exciting upcoming projects.

Groups: Join groups, share research and discuss opportunities.

Spread Facts not FUD

Do your own Research

Crypto market data: Access to live updates on coin prices and trading volumes.

Analysis: Conduct fundamental, technical and sentiment analysis all in one platform.

Charts & Signals: Up your trading game by creating and sharing charts and signals.

Trader Ratings: Make predictions & get rated on your accuracy.

Grow your organizations to the moon and beyond

Pages: Create pages, list your offerings & digital assets to keep your followers up to date.

Community: Gain access to and connect with a growing blockchain and crypto community to grow your number of followers.

Messaging: Chat directly with your followers and the wider community.

Advertising: Market and spread awareness around your brand, purpose, product to those that matter.

Assaad Rizk
Assaad Rizk

Assaad Rizk

Founder & CEO

Having entered the crypto space in 2016, Assaad realised how fragmented the information in the eco system was. Tired of juggling through multiple platforms to connect with community members, conduct research and manage his assets, he decided to build a platform catered to crypto users that would give them everything they needed in one place.

With a proven track record in building and growing teams and scaling operations, Assaad’s deep understanding of distributed ledger technology as well as his eye for detail and on customer experience makes him the ideal candidate to make Coincrowd’s vision a reality.


AUG 29, 2021

Crypto assets are a Medium of Exchange and Store of Value

Starting in June 2021, El Salvador has become the first country in the world to declare bitcoin as a legal tender alongside USD. However; If we look at it on a meaningful scale, cryptocurrencies have not been seen as a widely used payment method in the purchase of goods and services yet due to time to process the transaction and high transaction fees on low cost transactions

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JUL 02, 2021

2021: NFTs revolution in the Art World?

Art has started with technology. Stone was the first technology to fuel drawing oncaves. Stone has transformed to brushes in the long history of time. The same can be said about photography and video that changed the perception of art by giving birth to new forms of media.Fast forwarding to the present, We are living in an era where computer softwares is replacing the brushes and Artificial Intelligence is replacing the Artist.

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